A soft word turns wrath away, but a harsh word stirs anger.
Proverbs 15:1

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Trying to be in the same mood every day is complicated sometimes. We try to remember that all the micro-aggressions we suffer during the day from others express their discomfort.

Instead of working to resolve their hurt, we only project it onto ourselves. Just their feelings of frustration, anger, and desires. And that, whatever the reason for what happens to you in your life.

Our moods are like our weather; they change just like the seasons. However, we must be aware of it and try not to be the storm or rain on someone else’s day.

For my part, I remain silent when I am not in the mood or when I feel that interaction or the subject that puts me in this state is not identified and resolved if it is possible to fix it immediately.

Otherwise, I identify it (at least I try to) and work on what does not interfere negatively with my interlocutors, who often are not the cause.

It’s daily work to do on oneself. Be aware of your behavior, and try to be a better version of yourself daily.

Bye, until next time 😉.


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