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I took the time for a break to take stock, to take a step back from the events that are necessary despite me in my life. I realize the energy lost in and for things that, in the end, are not worth it. It was like a revelation.

An accumulation of bad vibes that have a good look at it only slip to the door of my attention since I do not give them the importance I gave them before. Time is power! Attention too 😃

So when you cut that from all negativity, you gain peace ✌️🕊️ first, calm, and you can see that it doesn’t matter anymore. A revelation, tho 😉.

You know, the more you try to cope with something or someone that doesn’t look good for you, the more everything seems to be a mess. Let it go! That’s what I do.

Focus on me, stop for a minute to figure out where I want to go and what I want to achieve. That matters to me right now. Not to be loved by villains 🥱😎.


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