Your Call

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Abandoned, I assumed.
Forgotten away from you, I felt.
Yet the signs, yours, were everywhere.
I wasn’t ready. Ready to fulfill your purpose.
Ashamed, feeling unworthy of your love.

Like a distant bell, I hear your call
I answer it, no longer blind from the truth.

I finally heard you responding and
understood what you wanted from me.
I am in your light, speaking my truth.
The truth comes from the higher one who has been at my side.

Guiding me, protecting me
Through all the obstacles.
You give me the strength, the will to be better,
better than yesterday.

These mountains that I once thought insurmountable
are fading away in the distance. I face them with my head held high.
My faith in you lifts them.

I move forward, finally realizing;
the blessing you have offered me since my birth.
I am ready to do your work
in your holy name, for your glory.


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