I Wish

Photo by Nita on Pexels.com

I wish…
I wish we were together, happy.
I wish we could endlessly gaze at each other again.
I wish we still devour our time jointly like we used to.
I wish you could see the man I saw in you, the genuine you.
I wish you had trusted the love you have for me.
I wish you would have told me how you felt when you had the opportunity… when I gave you this chance.
I wish I could tell you what you mean to me rather than this speechlessness…
I wish you had trusted in this love where one tells us where we are forbidden to believe in our happiness.
I wish I still could believe in our destiny together.
I wish you could read these poems.
I wish this love was not outdated.
I wish … but I chose me instead of US. There has never been a WE.


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