You Can’t Stop A Heart From Loving

This is the story of a little heart that wants to love.
It is the story of a passion that was too quickly interrupted!
It is a love story between two people that nothing predisposed to live it.

So tell me, little heart, what do you desire in this world?
Tell me your doubts; give me your fears
so that I can calm them down.


  • Life
    Whoever pursues righteousness and lovefinds life, prosperity, and honor. Proverbs 21:21 Sometimes Life is sorrow. Overcome it. Life is a hardship, so fight for it. Life is a tragedy. Confront it. Life is a duty. Complete it. And sometimes Life is good; share it. Life is happiness; enjoy it. Life is a dream; make it […]
  • Mirror
    Here I am, looking at this reflection that I hardly recognizeWho are you? Are you the one who looks at me with an absent look?I’m afraid you’re just an artistic blur of me. The mirror shatters, scattering these bits of meOf another who was once me,a disillusioned puppet, a disarticulated puppet. Mirror, mirror, tell me […]
  • Tomorrow, at dawn…
    Tomorrow, at dawn, at the hour when the countryside whitens,I will leave. You see, I know that you are waiting for me.I will go through the forest; I will go through the mountain.I cannot stay away from you any longer. I will walk with my eyes fixed on my thoughts,Without seeing anything outside, without hearing […]
  • I’m By Your Side
    And now, these three remain faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13 Listening, hear you the voice?Hear, it’s you? He comes from the skyShe says you’re not aloneThough hope is frailIt’s hard to kill itWhen you believe When you need a friendI’m by your sideWhen you need a guide, […]
  • Could It Be You?
    Could it be you, my angel?The one I’ve been waiting for since the dawn of time? Could it be you, the one who will make me open my wings?Softly, indeed in a soft rustle. One look, one meeting A kiss, a caress, and my heart will know. At this moment, what are you doing?You don’t […]

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