L’esseulé, Peinture par Henri Eisenberg |

I am like a rose in a vase.
Withered with indifference.
A rudderless boat,
On the raging waves of life
Where are you?
You, who will make me live again.
My land, my island, my soul mate
Do I wait for you? I only hope for you?

Faced with the harsh reality
Faced with this bittersweet dream that is life
I take on myself to face the mysteries.
The hazards of my existence
Without you, without your arms far from you
It is difficult for me to continue this life without you.
I fall, I hurt myself.
Looking for the support that flees me
I aspire to better days.
Where you will be part of my life again if you want.
Without really believing it…

Don’t let this grief get me down.
Come back and tell me you love me.
All this pain oppresses my heart.
I raise my head, forgetting my fears.
Moving forward again and again on the path of resentment.

So many times, I wanted to let myself die
So many times, I wanted to scream my pain
Without being able to do it
Denying myself this luxury and yet…
Life is ungrateful; it makes us run.
Running after this dream, this chimera… Happiness

I hope, yes, I wish only for one day.
The day, this day, I will be free.
Free to finally taste this sweet happiness
Which refuses to me.
As the days go by…


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