You Are

You, Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you. Psalm 86:5

Lost in my thoughts
I wonder what I should do?
Where did I get the help I needed so badly?

Some people tell me not to give up.
Despite my efforts, I can’t.
I am angry, and my trust in love is gone.

They leave in this darkness that eats away at my heart.
Do you exist? You who are called love?
Where are you? Why are you?
When here people suffer?

Why don’t you show yourself?
I would like to believe.
I really want to, but how can I.
When everything is hatred, betrayal, and suffering.

I close my eyes and imagine you are beside me.
I feel your presence, like a warmth that invades my soul.
And suddenly, I don’t doubt anymore.

You are there, answering my call.
You are the shoulder on which I rest when I need it.
When everything seems confusing.

You are the one who makes me strong.
You are the one who guides my steps.
And gives me the strength to go on.

The one who reaches out to me and accompanies me on this long road
You light up my life day after day.
You give me confidence hope.
Hope when everything seems dark.

And for this, I say to you…
…… Thank you.


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