Where Does This Wind Come From?

Sitting at a table, I ponder the fragments of my past.
I see again what we were for a moment, which for me was an eternity.
I watch a couple holding hands; a simple gesture
That was for me a promise without a tomorrow!

A breeze, soft and light, caresses my face.
Like when you were doing it in passing.
Where are you, my love, you who made me feel alive?
Alive among this rabble that I don’t care about!

Where does this wind come from that carries everything away?
Where does this wind that pushes me to the limit come from?

Darkness has followed day for far too long.
Too long without news of you
You whom I loved with my soul
Why have you left me to face this pain that breaks my heart?

Where does this wind come from?
Where does this wind come from?

Wherever you are, whatever you do
Despite the passing of time
To have known you loved you, desired you.
It was, for me, my greatest joy here on earth.


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