The Page

My heart was this blank page that is now crossed out.
You are the cause; your ink has marked me for life.

I gave you everything without asking for anything but the truth.

Alone in this flood of emotions, I would like to blur it after all this time.
I find myself still believing and wanting.

Did you even write those words you couldn’t say to me?

You left quietly in the middle of the night.
Leaving me alone like a fool.

You wrote these lines on the page of my heart.
Leaving like a taste of blood, this love is like indelible writing.

The joy of the first moments gave way to tears.
You taught me that the word love sometimes rhymes with resentment.

You bruised me after so much waiting; why?
Prey to a melancholy, total withdrawal, alone in this house filled with memories of these outdated moments.

Will you come one day to tell me, at last, these words freeing me from you?
Will you allow me one day to do without you?

I write you these words that stick to my skin.
Which pours into my heart and soul and is just like water.
These cries are under the pain, the pain of your absence.

The one that has been killing me for too long, believe me.

You, you do not care because your life continues.
.. Without me.


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