Could It Be You?

Could it be you, my angel?
The one I’ve been waiting for since the dawn of time?

Could it be you, the one who will make me open my wings?
Softly, indeed in a soft rustle.

One look, one meeting
A kiss, a caress, and my heart will know.

At this moment, what are you doing?
You don’t even know I exist.

And even less of my suffering.
This sweet suffering, even better, will be the reward.

I have waited for you so long; I have hoped for you so much.
Could it be you?

How can I say these words?
When have we not yet met?

Do you exist? Is it the fruit of an overflowing imagination?
From an image, this desire, this certainty, and that will know why.

That you and I will meet, I read it in your eyes.
It’s as if I finally understood that you could be the one I was waiting for.

Sweet idea, strange idea that two strangers meet, love each other
When everything and nothing predisposes them to a meeting, would it not be only fortuitous?


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