Here I am, looking at this reflection that I hardly recognize
Who are you? Are you the one who looks at me with an absent look?
I’m afraid you’re just an artistic blur of me.

The mirror shatters, scattering these bits of me
Of another who was once me,
a disillusioned puppet, a disarticulated puppet.

Mirror, mirror, tell me who I am!
I have been searching for so long
without reaching the answer.
Can you tell me?
You who seem to be able to read me
Touch my soul.

It takes time to see
a friend through the mirror
It takes time to finally accept yourself,
to receive the good or bad reflection in this mirror.

Now I have this time,
I take it and get little by little who I am.
The one that we are, you and me
because we are one
Whether we like it or not.


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