We Are Blessed

Wealth and honor come from you; you are the ruler of all things. In your hands are strength and power to exalt and give strength to all. 1 Chroniques 29:12

Mr. Vegas – I Am Blessed
Mr. Vegas – I Am Blessed

This post reminds me of how blessed we are how blessed I am. Like the song portray at the beginning to be happy just by waking up in the morning.

This song was on my repeat list for years; it’s still on it – at that time, I was working for six years without a permanent contract. I didn’t complain; I asked Lord to help me have food on my table and money to pay my bills. I didn’t know the company at the time, and frankly, I wasn’t looking for a long-term job; just to pay my bills every month.

He provided me what I asked him. Point blank. I was happy, and in fact, after 1 year, the CEO gave 6 months renewal contract tacitly so… Why be greedy.

A long-term contract doesn’t define who you are or your place in society regardless of how they view you. Look, I don’t have time for this. So I define who I AM. Not people, so call friends, so call family, so call co-workers, and society.

So God bless me after that with a promotion: Supervisor, with a long-term contract which lasted 3 years. After that, everything fell apart due to my co-workers, and most important: I gave up on this company after all.

Too much going on for me, and you know what, this betrayal was a blessing, protection. Yes, rejection it’s God protection. So now I walk like that, thing like that, talk like that, act like that.

You have to pay attention to what is going on and visualize the bigger picture before panicking. So I packed my bag and ciao bye-bye. Lies, mind games, rumors can’t break you.

I Am doing ME. By ME. For Me. Haters will hate, Liars will lie, Thieves will thief…

I am moving forward in my life. There is no time to spend on the drama they put on their own, not on me. Humans have to understand to mind their own business instead of looking at what others do, especially in a non-human being mindset.

Human has to understand everyone are unique; we all have challenges that are all different. But unfortunately, humans only see the result, not the struggle, and they don’ have to either.

You don’t have to care about their tongue licking all over in your business. But, yes, some humans have their part to play in your journey. First, to make you stronger, wiser, better than you were. For you to move on to your next step.

I have a pure heart; I know who I am. I stay in my value; I respect others except for mine; the only approval requested is God’s approval. I asked myself if what I am doing has God’s approval or stayed, reflect my value.

I kept good memories about it; my CEO at this time was a good one. I learned a lot with her; I grew a lot too. She taught me everything I know so far in the management role; she was the first to believe in me and saw what I know I Am. So for that, I am grateful God lead her in my way.

Every company taught me, made me become someone continually growing up, no matter what. When God hired you, who gonna fire you. I am not an employee of men; I am an envoy of God.

Remember, humans, are blessed since they are born with their life first. Others blessing comes depends on the choices you will make. Humans have free will to follow the path of light or plunge into darkness.

In any circumstance, to be blessed: walk in God’s shoes. You will see miracles happen.


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