Breathe On Us

May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 15: 5-6

Not by might, not by power. By your spirit, God, send your spirit God.

Your Spirit Lyrics – Tasha Cobbs Ft Kierra Sheard

Let’s start by a beautiful worship today before talking about anything. A few months ago, I wondered what my purpose is, what it is you God wanted from me. Why are all kinds of bullshit still happening to me? Why? I allowed it! That’s why!

Look, I sit, meditate, and pray, asking him what I do wrong? Guess what? He answered me by showing me the nature of the humans in my environment.

Well, I allowed those people: to belittle me, despite manipulating me, underestimating me, betraying me, stealing from me, spreading rumors about me, using me for their greed, and so on.

I can write a book, turn it on a movie and bring a Tv series with five seasons. Yeah, you read right. Anyway, I use my discernment my intuition and move on after learning the most brutal way, a huge lesson.

I moved on; I forgave myself for being too caring, trying to help those who were there only for their good and, in the process, almost dead. But I haven’t changed; I see people for who they are in different situations.

Now, I am at peace, no bitter at all. I am busy with my own life; I finally found myself. I remembered who I am and why God put me in this life to fulfill his artwork through me as his vessel.

I have something to achieve on his behalf, on his almighty name. So, I am walking on this journey, facing heads up whatever some try to throw in my way, looking forward day after day. No time to waste anymore; I am to focus on my goals.

You answered all my prayers; you showed me what I needed to see and taught me what I needed to know about my surroundings, no matter their acting skills regarding their lies, manipulations, and such.

I try every day to be a better version of myself, to spread your word, whether through daily acts or like now, by honoring your name.

Thank you for making the impossible possible by breaking every chain which kept me from starting with the very first ones that I had put on myself by not having confidence in your word. It is no longer the case, not anymore.

Yeah, spirit breathes on us in these times when we greatly need it around the world.



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