On My Way

If you had known me, you would have known my Father also; henceforth, you know him and have seen him. John 14:7

I’m at a new level. Physically and mentally, at peace, at ease. Finally found, no, listening to my inner voice, the voice within.

On my journey, I thought I was lost; I wasn’t. I was never lost; I passed through on my way; going to the distance. So I am grateful, and I realized all I’ve been through was a test, and now I am blessed.

Life is a circle; every action decision made unfolds the next step. We all have a purpose of filling in this life. Whether or not we realize this. When what the universe teaches us is acknowledged, so does the circle. As soon we knew, we grew for a better version of ourselves.

Yes, I agree; some circles are painful. I know about sad processes over and over again. But, God always has your back, guys, always. Even when facing the most challenging battle, he is beside you; he protects you. All you have you do is surrender to his power and let them lead the way for you.

There is no other secret, belief in the power of a higher good. It’s not a question of religion; you can name it whatever you want. For me, all of this is in the universe; what you put outside is what you will get back. Karma is a bitch – yeah. But karma is real.

We need to understand and assume our act, our behavior, and –a fact- all consequences that can result from them. Right. So stop pretending we didn’t know, we didn’t do, it’s not our fault – yeah, I don’t buy this BS anymore.

You know quite what you are doing. You do it on purpose for whatever your reason. So when I ask you what do you want? Just say what the F you want. Stop wasting our time and pretending you come along to be genuine when you are not. Thank you

When I talk about – on my way – I’m talking about finding ourselves. Stay still, grounded. Faithful to our values, it doesn’t matter what is in front of us. It’s a journey every day; it’s a daily job you have to do with yourself. Understanding when people come at you sometimes is because you trigger their insecurity for any reason.

Mostly, try not to take attitude personally, even if they try to hold you down. Just do what you do the best, mind your own business, focus on what makes you happy, reach your projects and live your life fully, be happy. Just do you.

It’s funny if I had said that to myself ten years ago, I would have laughed. But now I sit, think and realize it’s just a fact.

I’m moving on. I am on my way.

Jennifer Lopez | On My Way (from Marry Me Movies) inspired me. One of my repeats hit list; I like this song because you can translate the words according to your own situation, whatever it is.

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