Ain’t No Way šŸ˜…

Two are better then one, because they have a good return for their labor. Ecclesiates 4:9

I heard a line in a movie that disturbed me greatly: I will fight for you until your heart stops beating! I was like, what the hell was that? Lol, for real! However, I would love one day (who knows!!!) to hear somebody says that line to me. Am I that romantic? Yes, I am. I think it’s beautiful, a devotion, a genuine love like we only see in movies, unfortunately.

Anyway, let’s move forward. I’m scared to be in love, to fall in love, ultimately. Honestly, I have more things to do than that!

Ain’t no way for me to love (for a while šŸ™…šŸ½ā€ā™‚ļø). First, I don’t have time for this; I put myself in so many projects, I’m indebted for so many mistakes I made, bad choices, so no, I’m cleaning all of this mess I put myself in. I’m learning new aptitudes, finally taking care of my body and mind. I’m good with myself NOW.

I love me enough right now. I’m good, thanks. I’m doing me! I don’t have time to play childish games, mind games. No time for drama, liars, bullshit in any way. No offense, hum šŸ˜šŸ˜Œ.

But to be clear, I don’t feel I want, and I have a desire to be in a relationship at all. Yes, for sure, some people interest me, but when I think about being with one of them in any way, ew, I’m past thanks. šŸ˜…

So yeah, I’m still recovering from a previous relationship, so I’m sincere with myself how I can be in a new relationship when I heal wounds from the last one hum!


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