BDay -1

When I thought about it, I didn’t know it would happen so soon. I’m less than a day, a few hours from my Birthday.
I am happy, joyful even already that God allowed me to reach this age, this far; yes, yes, I just said it. But also, I realize how much I have been able to accomplish since I have full awareness of what life is.
Many of the people I’ve been around have been afraid, but for me, it’s the beginning of a whole new version of me, a whole new face for the better.
I’m finally happy with who I am, who I evolved, and I’m reaching out to what life has in store for me with a light heart and confidence.
Thank you for this brand new starting; I have made peace with my past. Lessons learned.


One response to “BDay -1”

  1. Sua vida é luz! Feliz aniversário!


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