This Is My Exodus

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this, everyone will know that you are my disciples if you love one another. John 13:34-35

Donald Lawrence And The Tri-City Singers – Deliver Me (This Is My Exodus) – [feat – LeAndria Johnson]

Lord, tonight I want to thank you for all the blessings you bring into my life, all the battles I’ve been through when I thought I was alone. I turned my back on you with all this anger I had for you to let all of these trials happen to me. I curse so many times your name, asking why? Why did you let all of this put me down? Of course, I am not better than anyone, but in my heart, I always try to treat others like I want them to treat me. I don’t need to say much; they know what they have done to me!

Now, I know why! All of this struggle was to build a soldier first to fight Your Battle in your name. As a result, I am not afraid to bring my faith in front of anyone. It doesn’t matter how they laugh in my face, talk in my back, or try to discredit my life, work, or relationship. All of this now doesn’t matter to me at all. They were lessons to learn.

Yes, you have to break me, but I realized you gracefully broke me. You’ve always been my guide, even if I ignored it, so focus on material things – that didn’t bring me anywhere. You always be my shield and sword when I was in need in front of enemies who cover up their proper self disguise in family, friends, co-workers, anyway. They failed; you got me back on my feet every time they tried, again and again, grace upon grace.

I forgive myself first before I can forgive them. So tonight, I ask you, Lord, to forgive them cause they didn’t know Who and What they were doing. I am not asking this for my higher good no, not at all. I will always be this kind of person; even with the evil betrayal, I forgive people, but in your name Father, they have no more extended access to me, my spirit, love, and energy.

You have to face what deep down you know you have done in front of God; to me, you know, don’t have to explain. For no reason.

Tonight I CHOOSE YOU as YOU CHOOSE ME. Tonight I’m going to my purpose in this life you give me. Tonight I ask you not by might, power but your spirit Father to fulfill your purpose in me.

I am not running, and I am not afraid anymore. Here is my EXODUS. Here I am, saying goodbye to the old me and saying HELLO to the Brand new ME.



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  1. Muito inspirador. Amém!


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