Whoever pursues righteousness and love
finds life, prosperity, and honor. Proverbs 21:21


Life is sorrow. Overcome it.

Life is a hardship, so fight for it.

Life is a tragedy. Confront it.

Life is a duty. Complete it.

And sometimes

Life is good; share it.

Life is happiness; enjoy it.

Life is a dream; make it come true.

Life is a challenge; take it up.


Life is an opportunity; seize it.

Life is a chance, don’t miss it.

Life is an adventure, fearless travel.

Life is a game, bet on it.


Life is a promise; fulfill it.

Life is a song; sing it.

Life is precious; cherish it.

Life is life; accept it, embrace it.

Every day God opens your eyes in the morning. It’s a new day to start over, a new LIFE, SO LIVE IT. Do what makes your heart and soul filled with love joy… Breathe and become the best version of you ever.



One response to “Life”

  1. Eu amei o texto, amo a estrutura e todos os sentimentos. Thank you for that. Amen!


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