This is why I tell you: whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be granted to you.
Mark 11:24

I don’t hope, I just have faith, faith in my abilities, faith in what I want to accomplish in all areas of my life. I don’t have an a, b, c option. I don’t see others as options either as I have so often been viewed as an option, waiting for better, waiting to find the goose that lays the golden eggs. Either I am with you or I simply am not.

We all have the capacity, the intuition that very often we do not develop it, do not listen to it for those who intuitively feel, even know what differentiates failure from success is a choice. The choice is not out of greed or manipulation while waiting to find something better, while waiting we are passing the time. No, a choice made with the head, the body, and the soul if I may say so.

I always wondered what was meant by having faith?I mean, faith in what? Believe in what?

Raised in Christianity, my experience regarding – FAITH – although having opened Pandora’s box – my insatiable curiosity – my thirst to understand, what pushed my entourage at the time, to pray, speak, and others to HIM, GOD, no matter the name and the language? 

I would say LIFE! Especially MY CHOICES, which made me discover – even seek – FAITH. LOL!Today, and with a few slaps on the face, due to my experiences, my choices in life, in life; I realized that FAITH cannot: be defined, explained, or other, no matter what language is spoken. FAITH is felt.

I mean, in what we believe, FAITH is found and expressed in everything and each of us. Something, a feeling, whatever – which in the end – no words could express the STRENGTH that comes out of it.

Everyone goes through his life path and feels/seeks FAITH.

FAITH is PERSONAL I would say, 

Cliche to write it – FAITH starts with believing IN YOURSELF!


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