A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones. Proverbs 14:30

No matter how hard I try to understand why one person would be jealous of another? Can you help me to understand please! WTF

First, you don’t have the identity, the personality, the shit she/he had to go through to get what you are jealous of?

Have you asked yourself:

  • Have I done any work on my person, my knowledge, my behavior, my personality, my life…?
  • Have I taken stock of the situation in which I find myself and which makes me jealous of – I don’t know what – others?

I’ll stop here for the moment!

The first, I would say the ONLY QUESTION you should ask yourself: Don’t I have everything I need, everything I want right now? If the answer is NO – YOU HAVE WORK TO DO THEN, BETTER THEN… YOU KNOW!

For THOSE it’s YES – Winner has better things to DO SO set a new goal, change what you don’t like anymore – sorry – WHAT DOESN’T MAKE YOU HAPPY!

Jealousy is the result of pain, suffering, lack of calm communication, no honesty at all. You are smiling – lol – do you know who is not being honest with whom?


You, because you know – don’t you – what doesn’t make you HAPPY anymore or not! Yet you are sitting, standing, lying – IN / THAT / OR that still doesn’t make you HAPPY!

Think about it and especially BE HAPPY WITH WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU ARE


I learned it when I was 8 years old, the first step to be HAPPY starts with YOU

Thank you Mom I love you more than I told you.


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