Spilled Milk

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

It’s funny how I used to cry about the split milk when one of my ex-whatever (the name after) rejected me, cheated on me, lied to me, etc. Then, I realized abruptly, ALL the milk my cup still fully had. My cup was always full regardless of the relationship. I was just wasting time instead of spending it ON ME!

An ka mèt sa la / I put that here. Everything that is done in the dark eventually bursts into the light

Admiral T Ft. Jacob Desvarieux – Chat Ka Tété Rat

I was like, damn! Why? Universe why he took me so much time to understand that – finally! I’ve been, no – I put myself in so much pain and misery for people who don’t even give me a glace of water in a hot desert! Do you know what I mean?!

Look, my dear mum used to tell me: Son, don’t leave what you love for what you want, cause what you want, we left you for what they love.

Also, do not envy anymore… you know this great advice only a mother or someone who really cares about you can give you. I was raised well. Thank you, Lord.

Now, I genuinely understand after I made – no – I do not do that to anyone in my life right now, to be honest.

I am not perfect; God knows I am not, but I like you and no one else if I do like you. If I do not like you, trust me, YOU realize it right away. I am a little blunt, okay I am blunt 100%. Take it or leave it.

It’s funny how simple facts in your life sometimes give you lessons. Today it was by listening to a youtube video, just a word about a presentation and wrap; it was like I was in my family kitchen, and I heard my mum telling me those quotes. Funny things, right!

Everything I’ve been through was to prepare myself to face the brutal reality of life, be aware, I don’t complain about it, more because now I know that everything has a reason, that nothing happens by chance (already it results from our acts, choices, etc…)

I have learned my value because, after all, some things happen to us. After all, we allow these things in our lives.

Now, if I try to solve the fact that I find problematic in my life, I choose myself in any case in the end because once the day is over, the only one who is pissed off is me, no one else. So I have a long way to go by myself.

Thanks for the broken heart, betray, no matter.

Know your value, not what others want to stick to you as value.


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